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✨ 50% OFF Today ✨ | New Upgrade High Waist Leak Proof Panties

✨ 50% OFF Today ✨ | New Upgrade High Waist Leak Proof Panties

Regular price $12.49
Regular price $12.49 Sale price $24.99
SAVE $12.50 Sold out
✨ 50% OFF Today ✨ | New Upgrade High Waist Leak Proof Panties

✨ 50% OFF Today ✨ | New Upgrade High Waist Leak Proof Panties

Regular price $12.49
Regular price $12.49 Sale price $24.99
SAVE $12.50 Sold out

Introducing the 2024 Latest Design! Experience unparalleled comfort with our quick-absorb technology that locks in liquids, keeping your underwear dry and trapping odors all day long. Say goodbye to accidental heavy period leaks and heavy maternity bleeding that stains your bed sheets. Stay fresh, confident, and worry-free with our cutting-edge protection!

How Do Leakproof Panties Work?

Our panties feature three layers of leak-proof protection material:

  1. Close to Skin: Comfortable Fabric Layer Made from a blend of 92% nylon and 8% spandex, this layer ensures ultimate comfort and dryness while providing maximum coverage.
  2. Middle: Hygroscopic and Leakproof Layer Utilizing the 2023 latest development in leak-proof materials, this layer quickly absorbs 30-40 mL of liquid—equivalent to 2-3 standard tampons or pads—and locks it in. It ensures your panties stay dry all day long!
  3. Outermost Layer: Breathable Antibacterial Layer Made from odor-suppressing textile, this layer prevents smells from spreading. It offers 24-hour strong antibacterial protection, ensuring you stay comfortable and itch-free.

Washable & Reusable

No need to worry about replacing your leak-proof panties! They are machine-washable and maintain their effectiveness even after countless washes.

Worried that leak-proof panties might be too bulky to be comfortable? No need to worry! We are thrilled to offer you cool, comfortable leak-proof panties that provide protection without sacrificing comfort.

Not sure about your underwear size? No problem! You can easily order based on your weight or use our size chart for a perfect fit.

Our leakproof underwear lasts an average of 3 years, helping you eliminate thousands of disposable pads or tampons. The best part? You'll save a bundle of money by not having to buy those indestructible pads or tampons.


It’s simple: no other product on the market offers the peace of mind that our leak-proof underwear provides. Experience unparalleled comfort, protection, and confidence like never before!

✅ Combat Smells: Stay fresh and odor-free throughout your period.
✅ Great Backup: The perfect partner to your menstrual cup, tampons, or pads.
✅ Environmentally Friendly: Mindfully help save the planet while saving yourself money.
✅ Stay Safe: Unsure when your period will start? Stay 100% dry and ready at all times.
✅ Prevent Leakage: Ideal for managing incontinence or light bladder leaks (LBL).
✅ Live an Active Lifestyle: Stay dry, confident, and stress-free during sports and workouts.

Depending on your flow, our Leakproof Underwear can replace pads, tampons, liners, and cups, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection.


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