About us

Welcome to ShoppyDaily!

It has never been so much fun to be able to test many different products before others can use them, I will tell you there has been times where we just have to laugh about it instead of breaking the products lol...Let me tell you a little bit more about us.

ShoppyDaily founded in 2012, After some years we decided to open this store to the public,  back then we only deal with Conventional Stores in the US. We became the perfect products researchers worldwide, each product we recommend are products that we have tested and have received feedback from other customers or users. 

ShoppyDaily was born and raised in Miami Florida, each year we have recruited more efficiency team members to research for High-Quality products for our loyal customers, we keep building strong relationships with product developers and customers.

As part of our culture, close to 10% of the revenue each year we always donate to the less fortunate families. We strongly believe in the need to support each human being that needs a hand.

Hoping you become one of our loyal customers!


ShoppyDaily, General Manager 

Linda R.