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🔥LAST WEEK, MOTHER'S DAY✨ DLY™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patch

🔥LAST WEEK, MOTHER'S DAY✨ DLY™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patch

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Regular price $15.92 Sale price $29.99
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🔥LAST WEEK, MOTHER'S DAY✨ DLY™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patch

🔥LAST WEEK, MOTHER'S DAY✨ DLY™ Water Soluble Collagen Film Patch

Regular price $15.92
Regular price $15.92 Sale price $29.99
SAVE $14.07 Sold out

✨ Countless women have revitalized their skin with the help of this revolutionary formula✨ 

This 100% soluble collagen film, enhanced by cutting-edge technology, effortlessly dissolves into your skin, leaving no residue behind. As it disappears, the powerful collagen essence penetrates deep into your pores, delivering intense hydration and a youthful plumpness that defies the signs of aging. Experience an instant boost in elasticity, a radiant glow, and a rejuvenated complexion like never before.

 Brutal Facts You Must Know

Our Ability To Produce Collagen Has Dropped By Up To 25% By The Time We Are In Our 40s
Collagen serves as the structural pillar of the skin, maintaining its suppleness and moisture. However, aging gradually diminishes our natural collagen production, beginning as early as our mid-20s and accelerating over time. By our 40s, collagen synthesis can decline by up to 25%, leading to the emergence of signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

The Fruit of Decades of Skin Research

Developed in collaboration with esteemed institutions such as Kyoto University and the Institute of Chemistry, our skincare innovation seamlessly integrates over three decades of skin cancer research with cutting-edge technology. Our mission is straightforward: to offer a solution that not only effectively addresses the signs of aging but also revitalizes your skin for a radiant, youthful complexion.

Soluble Collagen Technology

When applied, the DLY™ Instant Pure Collagen Film rapidly disintegrates within seconds, thanks to our advanced technology, transforming into a fluid state that easily penetrates the skin's outer layer.

This fluid collagen essence then penetrates deep into the skin's layers, delivering optimal hydration and elasticity precisely where it's needed most. Essentially, our Soluble Collagen Technology enables the potent collagen and peptide ingredients in our product to bypass surface barriers and exert their effects directly from within.


Collagen protein spray

(This Nano spray mist contains a lot of collagen, Extremely small molecular weight, easily absorbed by the skin,Effectively replenish skin collagen to make skin elastic and firm)

Collagen film

(99.85% high content collagen, 0.15% sodium hyaluronate)
The mask contains sodium hyaluronate and peptides, which help reduce wrinkles and anti-aging, relieve facial nasolabial folds and other skin care effects.

What will you get?

1Pack: Cheek Patch*10 pairs + Forehead Patch*10pcs+Neck Patch*10pcs

60ml Nano Collagen protein spray

✨ Just Place, Spray, and Glow✨ 

On a freshly washed face, simply place Collagen Film Melts on your skin! For optimal results, use 2 to 3 times per week.

🌸Limited Time Offer! Ideal as a Mother's Day Gift 🌸


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